To the Trojan Archery Club and Trojan Archery Competitive Team, a friendly partition of Club Sports at the University of Southern California. Our members include undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni of all levels of archery experience.

Archery is a great way to channel your favorite fictional characters (Green Arrow, Legolas, Katniss and the like), as well as a constructive way to blow off steam from a rough semester. Archery is a friendly, team oriented sport, even in competitions. You can take everything at your own pace in a supportive environment.

All USC students are welcome to join the club, no experience or equipment required! The first two practices are free.

For anyone seriously interested in competing, our Head Coach, Terri, has an impressive USA Archery Lvl 4 coaching status. Our Assistant Coach, Jim, has Lvl 3 status. Together, they are a formidable tag-team guiding our archers to new heights!

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Trojan Archery Competes at Nationals

The USC Men’s Olympic Recurve Team (Filipe Vital, Max Zade, Dan Kwasniewski) competed at the National Outdoor Collegiate Championships in Chula Vista, CA at the Easton Olympic Training Center. We would like to thank Coach Terri Ashley- MacQuarrie for all of her hard work and dedication! Congratulations to the Team!

This year the men and women’s Trojan Archery Team successfully competed in several indoor and outdoor tournaments. If you are interested in joining the Trojan Archery team, please contact us during the summer break or in the Fall Semester!

A new beginning

Welcome to our new website! Our 2017-2018 Officers are hard at work preparing for an exciting new year in the Trojan Archery Club.

Until we pick up again in the fall, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to receive cool news and updates! Feel free to contact us with questions.